About Us

Morningstar Hobby Supplies (MHS) was established in the mid 2013 initially based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; mainly catering to various table top gaming supplies such as Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Playmats and Card Binders. Upon the establishment, company’s vision are born together with the visions of “Trustworthiness” “Community Matters” and “Play in Style”.

True to the company’s vision, MHS has built a strong relationships and the bridge with Local Game Stores (LGS) as well as various Online Stores. With strong partnership with famous gaming companies such as TIMEWALKER, Pandaray, KMC, RSS, ICO, ProGame and UltraPro, MHS strives to invade into the industry to compliment and provide what is lacking as well as what local scene needs

Coming to the end of 2013, MHS secured a contract with TIMEWALKER as the sole distributor in Malaysia. TIMEWALKER which has gained reputation as being a top-notch high end products, are well received by gamers and has since become the core product of Morningstar Hobby. Beginning of 2015, due to its success in Malaysia, MHS signed a contract with TIMEWALKER as the Master Distributor in South East Asia, with an option to go into Asia Pacific. With aggressive, strategic planning and promoting, MHS wishes to go global within 2016 working with all excellent partners throughout the world.

By the end of 2015, MHS managed to secure arrangements to sub-distribute Dragonshield sleeves in Malaysia. MHS has also successfully introduced and promote new Living Card Games (LCG) by sub-distributing a few LCG products from their official distributors, mainly Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) products. Looking forward into 2016, MHS wishes to expand not only its Hobby Supplies network throughout Asia Pacific, but also to expand its newly ventured Games Distribution channel through the strong relationships built with the LGS over the years.

Company Milestones:

2013: Established as Old Game Store to fill the gaps and needs to local gaming community

2013: Secured contract to distribute TIMEWALKER, RSS and ICO in Malaysia

2013: Participated by opening a sales booth in MTG Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur

2014: Supplying the Malaysian Local Game Stores (LGS) with more brands such as Ultra Pro and KMC

2015: Rebranded as Morningstar Hobby Supplies (MHS)

2015: Appointed Master Distributor of TIMEWALKER in South East Asia, with an option for Asia Pacific

2015: TIMEWALKER start selling in LGS in Singapore

2015: Distributing Dragonshield in Malaysia

2015: First venture into Games Distributing by sub-distributing Fantasy Flight Game’s Living Card Games (LCG) in Malaysia

2015: Main Tournament Organizer (TO) for some FFG’s LCG such as A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition, Warhammer: Conquest and Android: Netrunner.

2015: Participated in various Hobby Exhibitions to promote brand awareness such as Komik Kon and Comic Fiesta